Yarsagumba – Natural Viagra 200 Grams


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What are the Health Benefits of Yarsagumba Natural Viagra?

First, what is Yarsagumba Natural Viagra?It is a herb that is Caterpillar like fungus and mostly grows in the Himalayan Regions of Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet as well as India on pastures that range from 3,300-4000 Meters.It is locally known as Yarsagumba.The herb is a combination of exceptional yellow Caterpillars as well as mushrooms that fungi like.The herb is always swept away when rains come.Sometimes it can bury itself in the body of the caterpillar hence working its’ way out through insects head.The fungi parasite gets energy from the Caterpillars. The parasite enters into the caterpillar body draining all the energy the insect has and leaves it to die.With an increase in temperatures and the snow melts Yarsagumba paving it a right time to emerge and be collected.When monsoon comes, they sweep away the Yarsagumba. Yarsagumba Natural Viagra is mostly curing the following ailments: Cancer, Tuberculosis, Leukemia, Asthma, LeprosyChronic Hepatitis B and increases physical stamina.China has been well-known for the importation of Yarsagumba Natural Viagra.People from China have a wide knowledge of the benefits of the herb from the Ming dynasty as well as its use in the variety of medications production they normally export.

What are the marvelous benefits of the Yarsagumba Natural Viagra herb?

1.For ones healthy who uses the Yarsagumba Natural Viagra herb as the aphrodisiac, stimulant for activities involving sports as well as life giving.The dose recommended for him or her daily is 0.3-0.7 grams i.e 1-2 pcs according to size.Likewise one can eat the whole mushroom being in its original form.It can also be overflowed with boiled water or tea and be taken after 20 minutes.Another case is that, it can be powdered and be drank with milk for about 3 to 4 days.Then after being paused for about 3 days, the dosage can be repeated again.In a case of a particular health issue, dosage to be taken is supposed to be higher, however, doctor consultation is recommended first before you take on such an instance.

2.Another health benefit of Yarsagumba Natural Viagra herb is the provision of energy and vitality whereby it increases performance physically and body endurance.

3.The Yarsagumba herb reduces hypertension which is blood pressure as well as lowers cholesterol levels on ones’ body

4.It also helps in relieving indigestion and improving ones’ appetite.

5.Yarsagumba Natural Viagra herb is known for strengthening the immune system as well as the provision of relief from cases of coughing and cold.

6.It has assisted in reducing chronic fatigue, in refreshing ones’mind, sharpening ones’ memory and enhances a persons ability to deal/handle stress.

7.The last and not the least, it has acted like anti-aging products by stimulation of hormones production Other benefits are: Strengthens kidneys and lungs as well as treats rheumatoid arthritis disease.The herb is crucial one that can be used globally and with its overdose, the information available so far is that the Yarsagumba Natural Viagra herb is not harmful and no negative effects have been experienced even by the expectant mothers.


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